• Eye Make Up Brushes Brush Kit
  • Eye Make Up Brushes Brush Kit
  • Eye Make Up Brushes Brush Kit
  • Eye Make Up Brushes Brush Kit
  • Eye Make Up Brushes Brush Kit
  • Eye Make Up Brushes Brush Kit

Eye Make Up Brushes Brush Kit

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Product details

Brand: Qivange

Color: Coffee Gold


  • Perfect for Applying Eye Makeup: This eye brush set meets your detailed application of eye makeup. Includes eyeshadow brushes, eyeliner brushes, eye contour blending brush, eyebrow brush, concealer brush.Suitable for both professional use and home use.
  • Soft Bristles: Cruelty-free, the bristles of our eye brushes are made of soft synthetic fiber, they will not shed or hurt your skin.
  • Durable Handle: High quality material ensures this eye blending brush a long life span without any damage.
  • Ideal Travelling Companion: You can take our makeup brushes to anywhere since they are portable.
  • QIVANGE 100% Money Back Guarantee: If our make up brushes have any problem and you are not satisfied, please contact us at first time.

Details: Qivange Premium Eye Makeup Brush Set

Function of Every Eye Brush
*Concealer Brush: For concealing particularly well around eyes.
*Small Blending Brush: For blending eyeshadow application and eyeshadow makeup.
*Large Eyeshadow Blending Brush: For controlling eyeshadow application and blending eye shadow makeup.
*Eyeshadow Blending Brush: For blending eye shadow application and eyeshadow makeup.
*Small Pencil Brush: For applying eyeshadow particularly well exact placement of eyes.
*Detailed Brush: For concealing exact placement particularly well around the eyes.
*Bent Eyeliner Brush:For applying liquid and gel eyeliner to eye corners.
*Angled Brow Brush:For shaping and defining eyebrows.

How to Clean Eye Makeup Brushes:
1. Holding bristles face down, run bristles under warm water.
2. Gently squeeze out any excess water and makeup residue.
3. Apply a dime size amount of mild soap and olive oil into the palm of your hand.
4. Massage the bristles into your palm in a circular motion under running water until the water runs clear, being careful not to submerge the brush.
5. Gently squeeze out any excess water using a clean towel.
6. Let the bristles air dry in an open space.

Package Including
1 * 8pcs eye makeup brush set
1 * Pouch

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